Gerry G4UOS (SK) Club Donation

As you will know our dear friend and fellow Radio Ham Gerry G4UOS has recently become a Silent Key and some of you will also know that Gerry was a member of our Club for many years before the formation of the Burnham on Sea Radio Club.


Since the funeral Dan, M0WKS has very kindly been assisting Janet, Gerry’s XYL to remove the aerials and masts from the property and to dispose by sale of the radio equipment.

From the proceeds of the sale, Janet has very kindly donated £50 to our Club, saying that she wanted, the club's that Gerry supported to know, that he derived great enjoyment from the friendship, the tinkering and from the common interest.


Thanks Dan and Janet


R.I.P. Gerry






09:22, 06 Oct 2021 by David Dyer