Rally 2021 A Thank you

Well I’m sure our dear friend, the late Mike M0VLN, would have been very proud of us in the way our 6th Radio and Electronics Rally held at the Campus went yesterday, if only he could have been there. 

I’d like to thank everyone who helped to make it such the success that it was and specifically :- 

Thanks, firstly goes to Derek G7HYS who stepped in, to assist with the dreaded Risk Assessment that was required by the Campus; particularly difficult this year as Covid precautions had to be taken into consideration. 

Thanks to Jim M0JWB, Simon M0SLD and Derek G7HYS for attending on Saturday evening and setting up the tables and also to Peter G3TJE for erecting the Rally direction signs, around the Worle area. 

Thanks to Gary 2E0IFT, Sean G7NXJ and Paul M7PCX, Jim M0JWB and Rob G7VEQ for turning up for duty at 7am on Sunday morning . 

To Gary 2E0IFT, Sean G7NXJ and Paul M7PCX for taking care of the Traders arrival, direction and parking. 

To Rob G7VEQ for helping Traders find their table, for taking care of security at the Exit door all day and hand stamping those leaving. 

To Simon M0SLD for helping with Trader table re-arrangement and generally being helpful where needed. 

To Peter G3TJE for erecting the Club banners and Club information boards at the front of the Campus. 

To Ruth M7RLW and Barry M0JOG for manning the “cash desk” and collecting all the entry fees. 

To Jim M0JWB and John G4GAU for manning the Bring and Buy. 

To Jim M0JWB for collecting the table fees from the Traders. 

To Tony G4KMB for standing by to make announcements on the PA system when necessary and generally being helpful. 

To Dan M0WKS and Malcolm for providing the public with so many items to spend their money on, and for the G4UOS SK sale of equipment. 

The Campus staff thanked everyone for help in clearing up and packing away the tables at the end of the day commented how polite and friendly everyone were. 

Thanks to Jim M0JWB for providing an initial break down of finances as a result of the rally which showed we did really well under the present circumstances where most Rallies around the country are being cancelled. 

So a big thank you to everyone who was involved with either a big or small part and to those club members who just attended. 

You all made it such an enjoyable day for all and hopefully we can do it all again next year. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone out by name. 

Best 73

Dave G4CXQ


14:07, 27 Sep 2021 by David Dyer