To: All Current members - WsMRS Membership and Subscription fees for 2021

To: All Current members 23rd December 2020 Re: WsMRS Membership and Subscription fees for 2021 Over the course of 2020 there were 34 paying members of the Weston-super-Mare radio Society. Due to the Coronavirus situation that started in February/March, it quickly became obvious that the radio society’s activities would be severely curtailed for the remainder of the year. As we are about to start a new year and there not seeming to be any opportunity to hold an Annual General meeting (AGM), the officers of the committee have decided that the subscription fees for 2021, that are usually paid at the AGM, will be waived for the entire 2021 year. The above decision has no impact upon those that continue to be junior, honorary or overseas members. What this means, as far as your membership is concerned, is that if you were a member in 2020, you will automatically be re-enrolled as a member for 2021, without having to fill in any forms (contact details, GDPR etc). It will be assumed that your details currently held by the society have not changed. For those of you that no longer wish to remain a member or, whose details have changed and still wish to be a member, please email and inform the treasurer or contact a committee member with the details. Please be advised that, at present, it is not known if the social club membership fees are being changed or varied for 2021 and it remains the responsibility of each individual member to ensure their social club membership is valid for 2021. Additionally, there are four (4) members who are yet to receive their deposits returned for the cancelled ‘Bletchley Park’ trip. Each of those members, at the time, elected to have their deposits held onto by the treasurer as credit for what would have been their subscriptions for 2021. As a result of 2021 subscription being waived, it is the treasurers wish to refund these deposits to those affected. Jim Bryant – M0JWB Treasurer WsMRS 07983 641055

09:10, 05 Feb 2021 by David Dyer