Antenna computer modeling. A presentation by Will Sparkes

Monday 19 August 2019
19:00 to 22:00

– I will be staring with a very brief overview with
its capabilities and shortcomings, we will then view a sample antenna file 20m Hw
dipole to see what the software can do in terms of measuring resonance and
looking at the 2D and 3D far field plots – we will then move on to a 40M HW and
create it from scratch using the wire editor rather than the geometry
editor(it’s a lot quicker and easier) and I will make it slightly the wrong
size to show how we can remedy this vie either the wire editor, geometry editor
or using the optimisation routine. We will then look at creating an inverted V
as  this involves some further idiosyncrasies that need to be catered for
and finish up with who to do a tapered pole and how export to MS Excel &
graph a set of results for example on SWR plots across a range of frequencies
in 50Khz steps.